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Abbreviated Curriculum-Vitae

 Steve Cain

M.F.S.; M.F.S.Q.D.; D.A.B.F.E.; D.A.B.R.E.; F.A.C.F.E.
Questioned Document / Audio & Video Analysis

Steve Cain has over 20 years experience in examining audio and/or video tapes for the U.S. Department of Justice (includes the White House Senate Select Judiciary Committee: Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill, the Senate Investigation Sub-Committee: “China Gate” Investigation), U.S. Attorney’s Office, over 100 Public Defender offices, F.B.I., S.E.C., D.E.A., Customs, I.R.S., Secret Service, A.T.F., and over 1,000 law firms in both criminal and civil cases in the U.S. and overseas.

Following twenty two (22) years as both a Special Agent and a forensic specialist with the U.S. Secret Service and IRS National Crime Laboratories, Steve started Forensic Tape Analysis, Inc. in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  A variety of forensic services are offered although the majority of requests concern the identification of questioned voice recordings or issues relating to audio or video tape recording authenticity (i.e. tampering or editing evidence). Steve is also board certified as a questioned document examiner. Experts in other forensic disciplines are available upon request.

Steve received his B.S. at the USAF Academy in 1967 after later completed two Masters of Forensic Science Degrees at George Washington University and Antioch School of Law.  He has completed two years of a PhD in Criminology at the University of Maryland.  He has attended numerous specialized courses of instruction in forensics throughout the U.S. and is both nationally board certified and court qualified (federal and state) in a variety of disciplines.  A member of several international forensic organizations, Steve has published more than twenty articles in forensics, investigative, and legal journals and has been a guest speaker at numerous national/international conferences regarding forensic examination techniques. 

He has testified in over 40 states, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, and Canada in both criminal and civil cases.  He has examined over twenty thousand (20,000) cases during his almost thirty five years of forensic experience.  Mr. Cain is also President/CEO of the International Institute for Forensic Training (IIFT). 

IIFT provides quality “hands-on” forensic instruction in a variety of different disciplines including audio/videotape examinations, voice identification or elimination, tape enhancement, and audio and videotape tampering identification techniques.  IIFT instructors have already provided training to foreign law enforcement and attorneys in the Middle East, Argentina, Turkey, South Africa, Dubai and other overseas locations.           

References and a Federal Rule 26 listing of recent case testimony are available upon request.  Steve was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Forensic Document Examiners (AFDE) and the American Board of Recorded Evidence (ABRE). 

Important Expert Witness Cases 

       Slesinger v. Disney - “Winnie the Pooh” litigation  - 2004

       Alfonso Gonzalez v Ford Motor Company - 2004

       United Airlines (employment litigation) 2004

       Consultant to MSNBC News – Authenticating “Bin Laden” Videotapes – Air, 2002

       “48 Hours” News Special – “The Bookie’s Wife” (Texas v. Angleton – Murder Trial Acquittal – Broadcast January, 2002 and June, 2002)

       Senator John Danforth (Independent Counsel – “Waco” – 1999)

       Andrade v. Chojnacki; et al v. U.S. (Branch Davidian Law Suit – 1999-2000)

       JonBenet Ramsey – CBS News Consultant (1999)

       Texas v. Angleton murder case (all charges dismissed)(1997)

       U.S. v. Aisenberg (Florida 1999)

       CBS consultant re: 60 Minutes story on “The Scuffed Halls of Ivy” (1999)

       Forged Autograph Litigation re: Golfers, Nicklaus, Palmer and Tiger Woods (1996-1997)

       Consultant to: “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” (1996)

       Consultant to “Court TV” (Voice Identification)

       “Waco” criminal case (1994-1995)

       World Trade Center Bombing (1993)

       CNN’s expert for “Flowers/Clinton” audiotapes (1992)

       Over 400 Court Cases or Depositions (1978-Present) 


Co-Author of book entitled Advanced Forensic Criminal Defense Investigations, published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing Co., Copyright 2000 and author of chapter entitled, “Forensic Tape Examination Techniques”.

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