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Steve Cain
M.F.S.; M.F.S.Q.D.; D.A.B.F.E.; D.A.B.R.E.; F.A.C.F.E.; D.A.B.L.E.E.

Steve Cain has over 20 years experience in examining audio and/or video tapes for the U.S. Department of Justice (includes the White House Senate Select Judiciary Committee: Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill, the Senate Investigation Sub-Committee: “China Gate” Investigation), U.S. Attorney’s Office, over 100 Public Defender offices, F.B.I., S.E.C., D.E.A., Customs, I.R.S., Secret Service, A.T.F., and over 1,000 law firms in both criminal and civil cases in the U.S. and overseas.

Following twenty two (22) years as both a Special Agent and a forensic specialist with both the U.S. Secret Service and IRS National Crime Laboratories, Steve started Forensic Tape Analysis, Inc. in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. A variety of forensic services are offered although the majority of requests concern the identification of questioned voice recordings or issues relating to audio or video tape recording authenticity (i.e. tampering or editing evidence). Steve is also board certified as a questioned document examiner. Experts in other forensic disciplines are available upon request.

Steve received his B.S. at the USAF Academy in 1967 after later completed two Masters of Forensic Science Degrees at George Washington University and Antioch School of Law. He has completed two years of a PhD in Criminology at the University of Maryland. He has attended numerous specialized courses of instruction in forensics throughout the U.S. and is both nationally board certified and court qualified (federal and state) in a variety of disciplines. A member of several international forensic organizations, Steve has published more than twenty articles in forensics, investigative, and legal journals and has been a guest speaker at numerous national/international conferences regarding forensic examination techniques.

He has testified in over 40 states, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, and Canada in both criminal and civil cases. He has examined over twenty thousand (20,000) cases during his almost thirty years of forensic experience.


Mr. Cain is also President/CEO of the International Institute for Forensic Training (IIFT).

IIFT provides quality “hands-on” forensic instruction in a variety of different disciplines including audio/videotape examinations, voice identification or elimination, tape enhancement, and audio and videotape tampering identification techniques.

IIFT instructors have already provided training to foreign law enforcement and attorneys in the Middle East, Argentina, Turkey, South Africa, Dubai and other overseas locations.

References and a Federal Rule 26 listing of recent case testimony are available upon request. Steve was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Forensic Document Examiners (AFDE) and the American Board of Recorded Evidence (ABRE).

Important Expert Witness Cases

• “48 Hours” News Special – “The Bookie’s Wife” (Texas v. Angleton – Murder Trial Acquittal – Broadcast January, 2002)
• Senator John Danforth (Independent Counsel – “Waco” – 1999)
• Andrade v. Chojnacki; et al v. U.S. (Branch Davidian Law Suit – 1999-2000)
• JonBenet Ramsey – CBS News Consultant (1999)
• Texas v. Angleton murder case (all charges dismissed)(1997)
• U.S. v. Aisenberg (Florida 1999)
• CBS consultant re: 60 Minutes story on “The Scuffed Halls of Ivy” (1999)
• Forged Autograph Litigation re: Golfers, Nicklaus, Palmer and Tiger Woods (1996-1997)
• Consultant to: “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” (1996)
• Consultant to “Court TV” (Voice Identification)
• “Waco” criminal case (1994-1995)
• World Trade Center Bombing (1993)
• CNN’s expert for “Flowers/Clinton” audiotapes (1992)
• Over 400 Court Cases or Depositions

Co-Author of book entitled Advanced Forensic Criminal Defense Investigations, published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing Co., Copyright 2000 and author of chapter entitled, “Forensic Tape Examination Techniques”.

Present Positions:

President - Forensic Tape Analysis, Inc., - Forensic Audio/Video Tape Examiner/ Examiner of Questioned Documents, Lake Geneva, WI and Diplomat and Fellow, American College of Forensic Examiners

Chief Liaison Officer for Law Enforcement (Domestic & Foreign), American College of Forensic Examiners (Internationally accredited forensic organization) – Diplomate for the American Board of
Law Enforcement Experts (1997-2001)

Past Positions:

President – Applied Forensic Technologies Intl., Inc., Lake Geneva/Williams Bay, Wisconsin
(1989 – 2001)

Special Agent/Branch Supervisor, Senior Document Examiner, Chief Polygraph/Voiceprint Units – IRS National Crime Lab, Chicago, IL (1986-1989)

Special Agent/Questioned Document Examiner/Voiceprint Examiner/Polygraph Operator – U.S. Secret Service, Washington DC and San Antonio, TX (1971-1985)

Special Agent/Polygraph Examiner – USAF Office of Special Investigations (1967-1971)

Captain, USAF, assigned to San Antonio, TX and Republic of Vietnam (1967-1971), Honorable Discharge (August, 1971)

Major, U.S. Army Reserves (1981-1992) Honorable Discharge


B.S. – USAF Academy, Colorado Springs, CO (1967) - Bachelor of Science (Engineering)
Graduated with honors

M.F.S. – George Washington University, Washington DC, (1978) - Master of Forensic Science
(General Criminalistics)

M.F.S.Q.D. – Antioch School of Law, Washington DC, (1980) Master of Forensic Science
Questioned Documents

Ph.D. Candidate – University of Maryland (1984-1985) (Criminology)

Specialized Forensic Audio Training at the Following Institutions:

Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory, Lansing, MI 1981-1989

OJT Training Program - U.S. Treasury Department and Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory
(1981-1985) (1987-1989)

Attended various orientation courses involving forensic tape analysis and voice identification
techniques at FBI Crime Laboratory, Washington, DC; National Transportation Safety
Board; Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department; New York City Police Department, Michigan
State Police; U.S. Postal Inspection Service; U.S. Secret Service (Technical Security
Division) (1984-1989)

Attended numerous specialized seminars and forensic training and educational programs hosted
by the International Association of Identification; Voice Identification, Inc.; Michigan
State Police; Michigan State University; Audio Engineering Society (1981-present)
American College of Forensic Examiners; New York Institute of Forensic Audio/Video

Forensic Audio Analysis Techniques, Accredited Seminar (1 week), Bowling Green, KY
(May,1992) -- Standards Meeting (AES), Bowling Green, KY (August, 1992), AES
Working Group (12)--Standards Committee for developing Audio Tape Authentication
criteria (1992-present)

New York Institute of Forensic Audio/Video, Forensic Audio and Video Seminar (Accredited),
New York, NY (1993) (1995) (May 1997) (May 1998).

*Note: National certification by New York Institute of Forensic Audio in Audio Tape Authentication Techniques in 1997 and 1998. Separate national certification by American Board of Recorded Evidence, May 1998 in Video and Audio Tape Authentication.

Certificates of Achievement /Completion:

New York Institute for Forensic Audio (Accredited), Forensic Audio and Video Examinations,
June 1993, September 1995, May 1997, May 1998 and June 2000.

Southern Conference Seminar, Forensic Audio, Western Kentucky University, May 1992

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Advanced Polygraph Studies Program, University of Virginia,
September - October, 1988

Federal Interagency Polygraph Seminar, Washington DC, June, 1987, hosted by CIA and FBI

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, DC, Audio Enhancement Training, 1984
(Certificate issued)

Michigan Department of State Police/Michigan State University, Advanced Voice Identification
and Acoustic Analysis Seminar, October, 1984

Michigan State University, Institute of Voice Identification, Voice Identification Workshop,
March - April, 1983

George Washington University, Washington DC, course entitled, “Magnetic Recording
Engineering”, December, 1982

Antioch School of Law, Washington, DC, course entitled, “Physical Significance of Blood Stain
Evidence”, July, 1980

U.S. Secret Service Questioned Document School, Washington, DC, 1977

U.S. Secret Service, Special Agent Training Course & Technical Operations Schools.
Washington, DC 1972 & 1974

U.S. Army Military Police School, Advanced Polygraph Examiner Course, No. 1, November -
December, 1976

U.S. Army Military Police School, Polygraph Training, 18 August 69 - 9 November 69,
Honor Graduate

Forensic Memberships/Past Certification:

American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (August, 1980-December, 1988)

United States Treasury Department (U.S. Secret Service and IRS) Polygraph, Voiceprint and
Questioned Documents (1971-1985) (1986-1989)

American Polygraph Association (1972-1977)

American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (A.S.Q.D.E. - 1982-1989)

Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists (Past/Present) (M.A.F.S.) (1981-1985)

Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists (N.E.A.F.S.) (1985-1986)

American Academy of Forensic Sciences (A.A.F.S.) (1977-1984)

International Association for Identification (1977-1996) (Voiceprint Examiner)

Forensic Memberships/Present Certification:

*Note: Certification by New York Institute of Forensic AudioTape Authentication Techniques in 1997 and 1998. Additional certification by America Board of Recorded Evidence (ABRE).

Association of Forensic Document Examiners (Board Certified) (1991-Present), Member – Board of Directors (1997 – Present)

American College of Forensic Examiners, M.F.S.; M.F.S.Q.D.; D.A.B.F.E.; D.A.B.R.E.; F.A.C.F.E; D.A.B.L.E.E.; Diplomat and Fellow Questioned Documents/Audio and Videotape Analysis.

Other Organizational Affiliations:

Audio Engineering Society (National and Chicago Chapter Organizations-- AES) (1990-Present)

Chicago Crime Commission (Organized Crime Committee) (1991-1994)

Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (I.E.E.E.) (1992-present)

American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) (1992-present)

International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association (1990-1993)

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) (1990-present) (Associate Member)

National Forensic Center (1990-1997)

Wisconsin Narcotic Officers Association (1991-1993)

World Association of Detectives (W.A.D.) (1995-present)

Association of Professional Videographers (1995-present)

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SYMPTE) (1997-present)

International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) (2001-present)

Published Articles:

“Potential Applications of Casting Materials in Document Examination Problems”- Journal of
Police Science and Administration, 1978.

“Scientific Study of Pencil Lead Components” - Journal of Forensic Sciences, 1978

“The Psychodynamics of the Presidential Assassin and An Examination of Theme/Graphic
Variables of His Threatening Correspondence”- Forensic Science International, 1982

“Striation Evidence in Counterfeiting Cases” - Journal of Forensic Sciences, 1983

“Laser and Fiber-Optic Photographic Analysis of Single-Edge Paper Striations”- Journal of
Forensic Sciences, 1984

“Voiceprint Identification” - Money Laundering and Narcotics Update, Department of Justice,
1988, and The Legal Investigator, 1990

“Examining Questioned Documents” - The Legal Investigator, 1990

“Locating, Qualifying, and Paying the Expert Forensic Witness” -The Legal Investigator, 1991

“Techniques for the Collection, Preservation, and Transmission of Evidence”- The Legal
Investigator, 1991

“Examination of Telephone On-Hook Off-Hook Transients” - Submitted for publication October,
1991, Journal of Forensic Identification. Published March 1994

Contributing author of two chapters dealing with forensic document examination techniques and
voice identification/acoustic analysis reported to be entitled, “Scientific Evidence”,
accepted for publication in 1993 by Shepard’s/McGraw-Hill.

“Verifying the Integrity of Audio and Videotapes”, Submitted to National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Champion, (May, 1992), Accepted November, 1992; published in July 1993

“Voice Identification”, National District Attorneys Association, NDAA Bulletin, Vol. 110, No. 6,
December 1993

“Tape Authentication”, National District Attorneys Association, NDAA Bulletin, Vol.110, No. 6,
January, 1992

“Sound Recordings as Evidence in Court Proceedings PROSECUTOR MAGAZINE, September/October1995 Volume 29, Number 5

“Emerging Forensic Technologies”, OACDL Vindicator, (Fall, 1995) official publication of the
Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

“Anomalies Associated with Computer Editing of Recorded Telephone Conversations”--
Published paper at the Second International Chemical Congress Forensic Symposium,
Fall 1995, San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Program Coordinator).

“Disguised Writings”- Paper presented at AFDE annual meeting in Milwaukee, WI, 1998.

“The Forensic Examination of Video Tape—Technical, Integrity and Legal Issues”-- accepted for publication-American College of Forensic Examiners (AFCE) – published in The Forensic Examiner, Vol. 8, Nos. 11 & 12, November/December 1999.

“Audio for Video Post Production” – Paper presented at AES annual meeting, New York City, NY,
September, 1999.

“Examining Questionable Documents” – Published – South Florida Investigators Association Journal, May, 2000.

“CD Copies of Taped Recordings – A Poor Alternative for Defense Attorneys” – Submitted to the Champion magazine, official publication of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), March 2001.

Lecturer and Teaching Background:

George Washington University, Washington DC (1978-1979)

Northern Virginia College, Woodbridge, VA (1978-1980) Adjunct Professor of Criminalistics

University of Delaware, (Washington DC extension) (1980)

U.S. Secret Service Questioned Documents School, Washington DC (1978-1982)

Guest lecturer at Antioch School of Law ,“Questioned Documents” (1980)

Guest lecturer at Harper College, Chicago, IL (1989)

National Association of Legal Investigators, (NALI) Mid-Winter Convention, Kansas City, MO
(October, 1990)

NALI, Annual Convention Houston, TX, speaking to approximately 200 to 300 legal
investigators, on June 20 and 21, 1991, speaking on Questioned Documents and other
forensic subjects.

The International Association of Credit Card Investigators, (Milwaukee) Guest Speaker, 1991.

The Association of Financial Crime Investigators, Chicago, IL (July, 1990)


The Safety Deposit Association, Milwaukee, WI speaking to 100 investigators (July, 1990)

Cook County Public Defenders Office (Multiple Defendant Division) (June 3, 1991)

Cook County Investigators Seminar (Public Defender Office) speaking before 80 investigators
(July 17, 1991)

Cook County Public Defender Office, Bridgeview, IL (August 20, 1991)

Cook County Public Defenders Office, District 2, Skokie, IL (August 21, 1991)

Iowa State Investigators Association, Semi-Annual Meeting, Des Moines, IA (August, 1991)

DuPage Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association (September, 1991)

American Society of Industrial Security (A.S.I.S.), Annual Convention, Orlando, FL
(September 1991)

Audio Engineering Society (AES), Annual Meeting, New York, (October 1991), Panelist on
Forensic Audio Working Committee

Surveillance EXPO ’91, Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, (November, 1991), Guest Speaker,
Forensic Tape Analysis and Voice Identification Techniques.

Wisconsin Narcotic Officers Association, winter 1991 Seminar, Milwaukee, WI, speaking to over
100 state and Federal Narcotics Enforcement Agents (November, 1991)

Chicago Bar Association, Criminal Defense Division (February, 1992)

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), Annual Spring Convention (May 1992)

ION ’92 Conference, Denver, CO, (February, 1992) Faculty member and Guest Speaker for
National Association of Certified Investigators (Questioned Document and Forensic Tape

American Board of Criminal Lawyers Annual Board Meeting Phoenix, AZ (March, 1992)

MAGLOCLEN, Middle Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network, Law
Enforcement Investigators meeting, Cleveland, OH (January, 1992)

Chicago Crime Commission, Monthly Meeting, Spoke to over 40 Federal law Enforcement and
other invited guests of the Organized Crime Committee, (April, 1992)


Wisconsin League of Financial Investigators, (Questioned Documents and Forensic Tape
Analysis) Milwaukee, WI, (December, 1992)

National Association of Legal Investigators, Mid-Winter Convention/Seminar (Regions II & V)
Guest Lecturer, Chicago, IL, (March 26, 1994)

American Academy of Forensic Sciences, “Authentication of Sound Recordings for Evidentiary
Purposes”, presented at 1994 Annual meeting (Jurisprudence Section) San Antonio, TX,
February 18, 1994

Kent Law School, (Illinois Institute of Technology), Four lectures on Forensic Science
Techniques (1994-Present).

Third Pan American Chemical Congress, Guest Lecturer & Workshop Moderator, September
1995, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Featured Speaker on “New Forensic
Technologies”, Annual Convention, 1996

Minnesota State Bar Convention, Minneapolis, MN, June 1996

Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (O.A.C.D.L.), Annual Convention, “ Emerging
Forensic Technologies”, Dayton, OH, June, 1996

Federal Special Agents Association, Annual Meeting, Guest Speaker, “Forensic Technologies”
Chicago, IL, February 1997

Association of Forensic Document Examiners (Annual Meetings - Boston, MA, Chicago, IL,
El Paso, TX, San Juan, Puerto Rico) 1997 - “Identifying Forged Autograph Signatures”; Milwaukee, WI, 1998 - “Disguised Writings”

Chicago Bar Association & NACDL semi-annual meeting – Guest Speaker, “Tape Tampering Technologies”, Chicago, IL, October 1998

American College of Forensic Examiners, Annual Convention, Guest Speaker, “Videotape
Editing Detection – Forensic Tape Exam Issues”, New York, NY, October 1999

Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (LACDL) – Guest Speaker on “Tape Authentication”, New Orleans, LA, December 1999

American College of Forensic Examiners, Annual Convention, Guest Speaker, “Voice
Identification – Theory and Applications”, Las Vegas, NV, October 2000


American College of Forensic Examiners, Annual Convention, Seminar, “Audio and Video Tape
Editing – Linear vs. Non-Linear Computer Editing”, Las Vegas, NV, October 2000

American Academy of Forensic Sciences, “Audio and Video Tampering and Detection”, presented at the 2001 Annual Meeting (Computer and High Technology Crime Panel and Workshop) Seattle, WA, February 22, 2001

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), Exhibitor and Speaker to NACDL Evidence Committee on CD-ROM corruption, Las Vegas, NV, February 2001

Court Qualified:

Over 300 previous occasions. Called to testify in approximately 800 criminal and civil cases.

American College of Forensic Examiners.

Going from 0 to over 17,000 in under seven years
Becoming the largest and most influential forensic association
Developed the ACFE Principles of Professional Practice

The ACFE has become accredited or recognized by the following:

The National Certification Commission
The American Medical Association’s, Specialty and Service Society
The American Dental Association
The American Psychological Association
The Professional Development Registry for Engineers and Surveyors
The Missouri Bar Association, Continuing Legal Education Department
Missouri State Medical Society
The California Psychological Association to provide mandatory continuing education
The National Association of State Board of Accountancy for CPE credits
Federal Trademark on The American College of Forensic Examiners
Federal Trademark on The Forensic Examiner
Created the American Psychotherapy Association, Inc.
Reincorporated the International Association of Police Surgeons, Inc.
Formed The ACFE Foundation, Inc.
Created the ACFE Institute of Forensic Science, Inc.
Developed a Masters and Ph.D. degree curriculum in forensic science
Publishing The Forensic Examiner
Created the ACFE web page,
Publishing on line, Forensics-The Online Journal of the ACFE

Revised 03/2001

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