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Expert Witness Resources

American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM)

American Society of Questioned Document Examiners

The Expert Pages

FindLaw Listing Service for Experts and Consultants

Legal Expert Resources Network (LERN)

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

National Directory of Expert Witnesses (Claims Providers of America) (formerlly Noble Directory of Experts & Spokespersons)

Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys (TASA)

Forensic Organizations

Forensic Science

Dean's homepage on Law Enforcement and Forensics



Hank's forensic page (Taiwan)

Interpol Web Site

Kruglick's Forensic Resource and Criminal Law Search Site

Legal Information Institute

Legal Research Network (LERN)

MegaLinks in Criminal Justice

Michigan State University Forensics Megalist

Zeno's Forensic Page

American Society of Crime Lab Directors

American Academy of Forensic Science

American Society Questioned Document Examiners

Forensic Justice Organization


Reddy's Forensic Page

Carpenter Forensic Science resources

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