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Published Articles

A listing of documents on forensic analysis


"Sound Recordings As Evidence In Court Proceedings" - Prosecutor Magazine - September/October 1995 by Steve Cain

"The Forensic Examination of Video Tape-Technical Integrity And Legal Issues" - The Forensic Examiner - November/December - Fall 1999 by Steve Cain

"Alaska v Coon" Supreme Court opinion dealing with the admissibility of spectrographic voice identification and the qualifications required of an expert witness under the Daubert ruling. (3/5/99, 974 P 2d 386)

"Wire Tap Information"- Published Fall 1996 The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

Voice Identification

"Voice Identification", National District Attorneys Association, NDAA Bulletin, Vol. 10 No. 6 Nov./ Dec. 1991 by Steve Cain

"Voiceprint Identification" - Money Laundering and Narcotics Update, Department of Justice, 1988, and The Legal Investigator 1990 by Steve Cain, Lonnie Smrkovski and Mindy Wilson

"Voice Identification" - The Aural/Spectrographic Method - by Michael C. McDermott and Tom Owen

"Spectrographic Voice Identification - A forensic survey" - J. Acoust. Soc. Am 79(6) June 1986 by Bruce E. Koenig

"American Board of Recorded Evidence : Voice Comparison Standards " - Approved by ABRE Voice ID Board - April 1999

"Information Regarding Status - Forensic Voice Identification" April 10, 1996 by Lonnie Smrkovski and Steve Cain

Tape Enhancement

"Tape Enhancement", National District Attorneys Association, NDAA Bulletin, Vol. 11 No. 1 Jan./Feb. 1992 by Steve Cain

"Emerging Forensic Technologies", OACDL Vindicator- Fall 1995 by Steve Cain

"Abstract anomalies associated with computer editing of recorded telephone conversations" - second international chemical congress forensic symposium fall 1995 San Juan Puerto Rico by Steve Cain

Tape Authentication

"Verifying the Integrity of Audio and Videotapes" - Champion - July 1993 by Steve Cain

"Authentication of Sound Recordings for Evidentiary Purposes" 1994 American Academy of Forensic Sciences by Steve Cain and Michael Chial Ph.D.

"AES - 43-2000" - Criteria for the authentication of analog audio tape recordings Audio Engineering Society, Inc. January/February 1990 by Michael C. McDermott and Tom Owen

Document Analysis

"Disguised Writings" paper presented at AFDE annual meeting in Milwaukee WI 1998 by Steve Cain

"Examining Questionable Documents" South Florida Investigators Association Journal - May 2000 - The Legal Investigator - 1990 by Steve Cain

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