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Task Descriptions

What we do and how we do it.

Audio Tape Authentication (Tape Tampering)

To distinguish original recordings from copies, to identify equipment used to make recordings, and to detect intended or unintended alterations such as physical or electronic edits, erasures, and over-recordings.

Video Tape Enhancement / Authentication

Video tape enhancement and authentication is used to enhance photographs and real-time or time lapse video recordings for the purpose of improving identification of people and other physical objects recorded. Video tapes can also be examined for possible editing and signs of alteration.

Voice Identification / Elimination

Voice identification is used to identify or eliminate individual talkers based upon aural (listening) and spectrographic (visual) comparisons of recorded material. Transcripts can be reviewed for clarification of disputed conversations.

Audio Tape Enhancement

Enhances speech intelligibility to clarify identification of "near" and "far" voices, and analyze non-speech sounds (audio, video, or both) important to civil and criminal cases.

Testing of Security Recording Equipment

Security VCR’s have a number of addition features specifically designed for the industrial marketplace or for those institutions that require 24 hours a day video\audio surveillance.

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